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Convocatoria AWID

The Women’s Rights & Media Project Coordinator 

El plazo finaliza el 6 de julio de 2014

Location: AWID offices are located in Cape Town, Mexico City and Toronto but applicants may apply to work from home in other locations

Organization:   AWID 

How to Apply:


Please send (in English):

1)      Current CV and cover letter (addressing how you meet the necessary qualifications and outline why you want to work for AWID and on this project)

2)      Two written pitches (of no more than 1,000 words in total) for two feature story ideas for the project website:

3)      The exact source/location you saw the advertisement for this position

Fax: +416 594 0330

E-mail: (please include “Women’s Rights and Media Project Coordinator” in the subject line of the email)


The application closing date is July 6, 2014


Más información aquí